Analytics and Reporting

Data and reporting without analysis is meaningless. Find out how much traffic is coming to your website, where they are coming from and which traffic sources convert the best.

Analytics Set Up

Make sure you have google analytics set up properly and are correctly tracking ecommerce stats. Our set up process may include goal funnels, site search tracking, adwords integration, webmaster tools integration, advanced segments, profile filters, and custom dashboards.


We provide high-level, weekly reports to track your year-over-year sales growth. On a monthly basis, you will receive a more detailed report customized to the KPI's most relevant to your business objectives. It will include all marketing campaigns and traffic sources pertaining to your online business.


We are able to pull actionable analysis from a mountain of data to uncover problems and discover new opportunities for growth. We review attribution models to understand how different marketing channels are working together and make educated decisions on where to allocate budget dollars.

For continuous analysis and site improvement, check out our conversion rate optimization services.

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